Alvaro Gasco


"Alvaro is a very talented individual with tons of drive. It did not take much to motivate Alvaro into a direction. Over the last eight weeks he has made amazing progress with his sculptures. His understanding of the fundamentals that go into creating sculptures to be used in production has increased ten fold. No longer does he only create cool sculpts, now he creates plausible sculpts that can be used in a production environment. I have complete confidence in his abilities and can safely recommend this talented artist. Cheers Cesar Dacol Jr. Aka, The Voodoo Monkey” July 31, 2009"

Public Profile:

2005 demoReel:

2009 modeling reel:


  • 2d design
  • CG modeling and sculpting
  • lighting and rendering


  • after effects
  • nuke
  • maya
  • mental ray
  • photoshop
  • xsi
  • mudbox
  • 3dmax
  • zbursh